Saturday, October 6, 2012


For the last few years our students have spent a week in the village/town of Adenkrebi. 
They go in groups of six, switching off with the next group on the weekend.
 The town of Adenkrebi is in Ga District, which is one of Grand Rapids' sister cities.
That connection led the Calvin program into a special relationship
with this one town in Ga District.
Adenkrebi is about an hour outside of Accra, but from the altitude of the town one can
overlook much of the city of Accra, so it's not really that far away.  
Yet there is a faraway feel to life there. 
 It is rural and quiet, except of course for the roosters.
Water comes from a stream about 1/2 mile from the homes.
The people don't have much money, but there is joy in the community.
Students remarked that everything seems to be shared.
They typically love their week in the village.
In the pictures below you can get an idea of why.

Playing with the schoolchildren

Shucking and shelling corn

A little work in the bean and yam patch

Planting cassava
Harvesting cassava

You put da lime in da coconut, you eat it all up...

Tapping a palm tree for palm wine

Carrying water 1/2 mile up hill.  Notice the kid in the back... no hands
Crab hunting

Another successful crab hunter
Then you pound a little fufu,

Add some crab, a little sauce,and yummmm...

Chatting with the kids

Making friends

Cooking in the traditional way

Playing soccer

All in all, a very good week!

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