Saturday, November 24, 2012


Everyone who comes to Ghana notices the business signs along the side of the road.
That's because they are not like the signs in the US...  Boston House, Applebees,
Modern Hardware, D&W Foodstores, and so on.  Borrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg!

In Ghana they know 1) how to give their businesses fun names, and 2)
 how to bring their faith into their business.  When asked if naming their 
businesses with such Christian themes is a good idea, the question is met with
surprise.  Of course it's a good idea, because it shows you're honest and of 
good character.  The signs below are only a very small sample of the thousands 
of business signs you see all over Ghana.  Why thousands?  Because the businesses 
here tend to be quite small, so there need to be many of them.  
A great many of them have names like the ones you see below.

 Check them out and decide which business has a name that might 
be ready for the global market.

This is one of my favorites for some reason, though the haircut doesn't
really make you look like Jesus.  Maybe the influence of the haircut is spiritual.

Another favorite.  In the local language, "chop" means to eat.
Kenkey is a ball of carbs made of slightly fermented corn dough.

If you're in the condition this business' clients are in,
then believing is (or I suppose "was") a good thing.
Now we'll change our tune a little to show you some other fascinating signs.
The first one strikes me as just fun, or funny, or maybe even hilarious.

The next one, however, heads the other direction
into the realm of frightening.  It's worth remembering that not everyone
is literate in Ghana, which is why businesses must have pictures
of what they offer alongside the words.  Scroll back up
and you'll see that most of the signs have pictures of what is sold there.

I understand the prices are low.  Any takers????

Ok, this last one is not a sign; it's a t-shirt, but I just really liked the drawing,
as well as the importance of such an auspicious day.  It's very Christian too.
Perhaps it is not a literal reading of Deuteronomy 23:12,
but it is surely consistent with it.

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