Friday, August 31, 2012


I've been here a little over a month now,  Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.

The old and storied Commonwealth Hall at the U of Ghana
That's the Calvin car on the right.  My "flat" is
right in front of the car.  Notice the drains/gutters.
Beware you don't slip into them. They are unforgiving.
Voila!  And Zees ees my flat.  I'm on the first floor.

My friendly front yard tree. He watches over me day and
night.  Do you have a good name for him?  It's definitely
a "him," don't you agree?
Mothers and children at the prayers that close out the
period of Ramadan.  There was a big crowd.  100,000?
You've got to really love coconuts to do this!

Big waves at Brenu Beach
Group Pic
Fishing  Boats in  Elmina

Here's a batik cloth I made, with some help from the batik lady.
Mine is the one on the left.  I had a shirt made from it,
but they made it too small.  Major bummer! 
The batik lady.  She really enjoys the work.


  1. Hi Roland,
    It looks like you are living in luxury. The pictures are beautiful! I think you should name the tree something profound, but I don't know what. He does not look like a happy tree. Thanks for the blog. Be careful in the waves. Love Miriam

    1. I think it looks like kind of an old, wise, ponderous tree. One of the ents in Lord of the Rings comes to mind. "Let's not be too hasty, now..."

  2. Hi Roland, thanks for writing the blog. Love the pics. I enjoy following peoples blogs. We had such a nice visit with Lisseth up north. I am watching the Tigers. Hopefully they win tonight, they have lost the last two games. Hope you write about what you and the students are doing there. We had a wonderful weekend at the Homestead, your Mom and Dad came up on Sunday after church. They had not been there in a while. Take care, Deb

  3. I will definitely write more about what we do when I have some good stuff. For the last few weeks, most of what we do is take classes, read, sit in the office, etc. Not a lot to write about. That will likely change in the near future. There are lots of cool things coming up soon. Will keep you posted.