Monday, September 10, 2012


Today we head up to Akropong for a few days to experience one of the major "festivals" in Ghana. I'll tell you about it next week when we get back.  For today, here are just  a few more pictures that may help you share in my Ghanaian experience.

Ghanaians seems to be a very religious people.  During my a.m. walks, at about 6:00
a.m., all the halls are blessed with their own dedicated preacher/evangelist.
This one had a lot to say about serpents.
You can see him there reaching out to the slumbering
masses in this 6 story hall

Here's the on-campus church I usually attend.  It has a normal feel
to it.  Differences include the way they welcome visitors, the
way the women, and a few men, dance on their way to bring their
offering to the front, and the fact that the service is
2-3 hours long.  Somehow that doesn't seem too long here.
A couple of the watchers as I take my morning walk.  I wonder
if they see something in my gait or appearance that
interests them.  

Some penguins from Antarctica migrated to South Africa.  They got friendly
with some crows, and this was the result! 

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